<p style="text-align: justify;">It was the week after my popular interview with Phyllis/her last televised interview, that we had dinner and conversation at the Blue Note. I was there to capture Angie on stage as well as an after-show interview. It was my hope to get the ladies together in the dressing room/to have that "diva-fest" where these women could spill their tea about the industry and their artistry. That interview was only half-full tho (I only got Angie for the interview/below). But at the least, there was this on-stage banter. I prodded and nudged Phylli to "get up there," and I was surprised that she did. Years later they bought this footage from me for the "Unsung" show on VH1 (enjoy)</p>

Disclaimer: I apologize for the poor editing/sound/Whitney-shade. We all eventually know better and do better. Hoping this was still worth watching; if only me and my desire and wanting to be a "first mover"