Month: June 2014

The Wednesday Wine Down Is In Full Swing!

Live Jazz conyers wednesday starbucksThis is a great feeling; to be in a place that accommodates your friends and business acquaintances. All good people, all good energy all coming together under one roof… the right mix of jazz music, a live artist, and a climate controlled environment and NOT TO MENTION the wine & food. Can you hear Grover Washington Jr’s Mister Magic playing while Don is talking about some property, while Chico is discussing his latest concert tour, and while Marcia is talking about the latest fashion trends? A community of entrepreneurs pushing forth to share in life’s available resources. And just when you consider all that, here comes the next track, Lee Rittenour featuring Phil Perry, and a few more tracks later, maybe Duke Ellington, Isaac Hayes & Sara Vaughn, its time for the featured artist to perform her 2nd set.

We Welcome Our New Sponsor aboard! Wells Thomas Law!

TAMI ON IMAC MACBOOKMeet Tami Wells Thomas: Approachable, compassionate, knowledgeable, candid, and an active advocate for the people, are all characteristics that embody Attorney Tami Wells Thomas.

       Tami Wells Thomas is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and Denison University where she received her Doctorate of Jurisprudence and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, respectively.  During her matriculation at Denison University she interned with the District Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Thomas also worked with the Knoxville Legal Aid Society for two years while in Law School.  In the summer of 1996, Attorney Thomas interned with the Office of the Attorney General and studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa during her second year of Law School.  In 1997, Attorney Thomas was admitted to practice law in the Northern District of Georgia and the Georgia Supreme Court.  Thirteen years later she was permitted to practice law in the Middle District of Georgia in 2010.

Tami Wells and her Thomas Wells Law firm are now sponsors of Wine Down Wednesdays at Starbucks in Conyers, Georgia. See more about her law firm at

Success Coming Incrementally – advertising Relentlessly.

20140613-144227.jpgThis has become a passion of promise, of possibility and of purpose. I have invested my money in hiring artists, buying business cards and fliers and posters, as well as online promotional buys. But this weekly jazz event, taking place in a region where there is little to no live musical entertainment, is possible because of the Starbucks muscle, branding and market presence. I’m no fool. I know that Starbucks is the “tiger” and that they have a corporate code (of sorts) that must be adhered to. Ultimately, the bottom line is that I’m “feeding” the tiger. I’m bringing my skills of concert promotion (on an upscale level), that together with my film making skills is the perfect blend to bring these shows and the artists who people them to the world at large. Its gotten to a point where I need to make a community statement, hence the billboard on i-20 and (simultaneously) the TV commercials on Comcast channels OWN (Oprah’s channel), ESPN2, HLN, BRAVO, TV ONE and more to come. Another sort of synergy is that Oprah is now part of the Starbucks branding since the Oprah Chai Tea is now on the menu. But bigger than the coffee, the tea and different pastries, this particular Starbucks also now sells beer, wine and a hot food menu. So its a semi-restaurant, with the after work mixer crowd, and Lord knows I’ve seen this before, managed this before and (as I’ve been told) should feel comfortable back in the driver’s seat. AND I AM!!!!! WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO OUR WEEKLY WINE DOWN in CONYERS, GEORGIA. All taking place at STARBUCKS, 1515 Highway 138, Conyers, Ga 30013

Coming Wednesday, June 18th – THE AMAZING LARRY HALL!

These events, the music & the audiences just keep getting better and better! This is such a blessing to produce and promote a new venue/except one that happens to be one of the most well-known brands on the planet. Yes, our famous coffeehouse now sells wine and beer and hot food. The food is delicious, the wine is tasteful, and I am over-the-top with these incredible performers. Its WINE-DOWN WEDNESDAY at STARBUCKS of CONYERS GEORGIA. Produced by RELENTLESS AARON for EAST ATLANTA MULTIMEDIA.

Derwin Daniels Rocks Starbucks Wednesday Wine Down!


Azure McCall. Press release photo. September 2001.










Big Surprise for Wed, June 11th! Don’t Miss it! Meanwhile…

Meanwhile, check out one of my favorites: Carmen Bradford. I was introduced to her by Mrs Nancy Wilson

Coming To Starbucks Conyers – Live Jazz – Wednesday, June 4th DERWIN DANIELS!

Thank you Derwin, Thank you STARBUCKS, and Thank you Rockdale County!

derwinCome and experience the smooth sax and clever acoustic guitar of the master musician, Derwin Daniels. 2 Sets, at 6:30p and 8:30p

Bring a friend, tell a friend. STARBUCKS CONYERS is LIVE on WIND DOWN WEDNESDAY! Not familiar with Derwin Daniels? Are you serious??? CHECK HIM OUT!