20140613-144227.jpgThis has become a passion of promise, of possibility and of purpose. I have invested my money in hiring artists, buying business cards and fliers and posters, as well as online promotional buys. But this weekly jazz event, taking place in a region where there is little to no live musical entertainment, is possible because of the Starbucks muscle, branding and market presence. I’m no fool. I know that Starbucks is the “tiger” and that they have a corporate code (of sorts) that must be adhered to. Ultimately, the bottom line is that I’m “feeding” the tiger. I’m bringing my skills of concert promotion (on an upscale level), that together with my film making skills is the perfect blend to bring these shows and the artists who people them to the world at large. Its gotten to a point where I need to make a community statement, hence the billboard on i-20 and (simultaneously) the TV commercials on Comcast channels OWN (Oprah’s channel), ESPN2, HLN, BRAVO, TV ONE and more to come. Another sort of synergy is that Oprah is now part of the Starbucks branding since the Oprah Chai Tea is now on the menu. But bigger than the coffee, the tea and different pastries, this particular Starbucks also now sells beer, wine and a hot food menu. So its a semi-restaurant, with the after work mixer crowd, and Lord knows I’ve seen this before, managed this before and (as I’ve been told) should feel comfortable back in the driver’s seat. AND I AM!!!!! WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO OUR WEEKLY WINE DOWN in CONYERS, GEORGIA. All taking place at STARBUCKS, 1515 Highway 138, Conyers, Ga 30013