Month: June 2015

I’m Hosting a Huge Event This Sunday! It’s free! And you’re ALL INVITED!

BREAKING NEWS: Celebrate with Relentless Aaron & the Rockdale County community next Sunday, 4p to 9p jazz and food and friends. Come join me at “Just Loaf’n” 1410 Klondike Rd in Conyers, we’ll be filming for the Rockdale Connector. We’d like to hear your stories; tell us about your business, your neighborhood successes. ROCKDALE LOVE IS IN FULL EFFECT!


Vigil For the Magnet Package Murders in Conyers Georgia

imageTonight was a different kind of night for me; a life changer in how my concerns for the local conscience mattered enough for me to drop all that I was doing. I found it important to be there where the county of Rockdale congregated en mass to mourn and celebrate life of 2 dearly departed residents in our community. I found myself at the center of it all, just as official as the big Atlanta news crews that were present. And after all, why not? I’ve been deeply involved in the Rockdale community for close to seven years. (more…)